If You've Gotten SPAM From craniumpro.com

It actually is not from craniumpro.com

My domain, craniumpro.com, has been used by spammers to create falsified return addresses, and is not the real origin of the SPAM. The falsified e-mail addresses do not map to any real e-mail address on my mailserver. Examples of the e-mail addresses used by the spammers are: penthousebanana@craniumpro.com, disneylandapple@craniumpro.com, thicketwatermellon@craniumpro.com. I'm calling the current wave of SPAM Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables because the name of a fruit or vegetable is always part of the e-mail address.

If you want to make a real dent in the spammer's income, report the spam to aol.com; note that the spam advertises websites located at http://hometown.aol.com/; the spammer's website at aol.com than automatically redirects your browser to their real website, which sells pornography. By the way, if you are an AOL.COM subscriber, shame on you! I have reported the portal websites at aol.com (there are several) to AOL several times. I have gotten no results. One of the websites, http://hometown.aol.com/hotcreamy222/, has been up and running since February 17, 2006; with that kind of longevity, it must be a big moneymaker, thanks to the ignorance of aol.com. If aol were to shut down these sites, the spam would be for naught. As it is, the spammers abusing my domain are currently winning.

This is the third wave of such spam-related sendings. I am actively searching for the person or persons who abused my domain and when I find them I will do all that is legally possible to assure they regret their actions.

Douglas Campbell, Administrator, craniumpro.com